Our Team


Dan Beetham

Co Founder
Dan’s background is in electronics design and repair and in video conferencing with an interest in software development. He is currently studying social sciences and working as a peer mentor at Auckland University of Technology.

Phil Metcalfe

Co Founder
Phil’s background is as a Product Manager within software development teams. He loves to work with people building great products that solve difficult problems while being simple and easy to use.
About Pixel Ninjas:

Who are we?

Pixel Ninjas comprises of two individuals, Dan & Phil, with a passion for web design and development. Dan & Phil started Pixel Ninjas because they wanted to help people, businesses, and organisations gain a presence on the World Wide Web. They believe they can achieve this by focusing on simple web development and delivery. Feel free to get in contact if you’d like to find out more.

Other interests?

What else do we get up to when we're not busy Pixel Ninjing?

  1. Band practice80%
  2. Travelling60%
  3. Beer tasting40%
  4. Table Tennis90%